Our Vision

A healthier, safer, and better Missoula community, where all individuals, regardless of background and financial situation have an opportunity for gainful employment.

Core Goals

  • Providing supported employment for anyone seeking work in Missoula
  • Dedicated to approaching employment placements as “one size does not fit all”
  • Working towards ending unemployment for Missoula’s Low Income, Previously Incarcerated and Homeless Population
  • All MWI profits go to support homeless families in Missoula
  • Providing employers in Missoula a hands-on and close relationship with their staffing agency, working to solve problems before they happen.

Our History

MWI is a social enterprise and the brain child of Missoula Interfaith Collaborative (MIC), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation based in Missoula MT. MIC is the total owner of MWI and functions as MWIs parent company. MIC secured initial capitalization for MWI and provides on-going financial consulting and marketing services in return for all profits generated by MWI.

Why work with us

How is MWI different from other staffing firms?

MWI is not just a traditional employment/staffing agency. We provide supported employment, which means we will assist with the employee’s successful integration into the job and work closely with the employer to ensure a smooth placement process.

Does MWI hire felons or individuals with barriers to employment?

Definitely, MWI has special expertise in working with low-income, or previously incarcerated employees, as well as individuals experiencing barriers to employment in the Missoula community. We work hard to find just the right placement for each individual.

How can MWI provide intensive support for employers and employees and have such competitive prices?

MWI’s vision is for a healthier, safer, and better Missoula Community, where all individuals, regardless of background and financial situation, have an opportunity for gainful employment. Toward this goal we work to keep our overhead expenses to a minimum while also keeping our staff to employee ration superior to the industry standard, allowing us to focus on relationships first and our finances second. Additionally, we are 100% owned and supported by the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative (M.I.C.) non profit agency, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit agency whose focus is on helping homeless families in Missoula. 100% of MWI’s profits go to furthering MIC’s work within the Missoula community.

How do MWI employees stack up against other employees in the workplace?

Research shows employees with criminal records and other barriers to employment may actually out-perform their peer employees on the job, making this population in Missoula, and the state an untapped resource for employers looking for long-term great performing employees.

How long has MWI been in business?

MWI was created in the summer of 2016. It is organized as an S-Corporation under Montana law and was created to provide a range of temporary staffing, and permanent job placement services to residents of Missoula County as well as provide support for MIC.