MissoulaWorks was created to provide positive, life-changing job opportunities for anyone who is looking for employment.  MissoulaWorks has special expertise in working with those who have experienced barriers to employment. We excel at working with individuals at all levels of experience, skill and background. Our staffing agency places and supports qualified people with socially responsible employers.  These employers want to provide an opportunity for those willing and able to get back to work!

Who We Are ~ What We Do

MissoulaWorks’ staffing service looks for businesses and individuals who are in need of temporary or permanent employees.

According to the 2010 US Census, there are approximately 4,225 private employers in the county of Missoula.  Each one of them can be considered a potential client for MissoulaWorks as well as the city and county governmental agencies.

We hope to partner with all employers within the City of Missoula who need employees in the greater Missoula area.